The most widespread types of dependencesIf you think that smoking and alcoholism is the most terrible types of dependence, deeply are mistaken. They do serious harm to health, but there is a large quantity of other, not less pernicious addictions about which now and we will talk.

Shopping. The real shopaholic will not stop neither lack of money, nor existence of debts. He is not able to commensurate the income with expenses and is pathological tranzhiry. Such person we will gain desire to buy everything new and new things even if does not need them actually. The pathological addiction to purchases scientifically is called as an oniomaniya. The campaign on shops becomes both rest, and entertainment, and independent sense. It is necessary for person to buy constantly something and to discuss acquisitions with other people, to look through fashionable magazines. Without it the shopaholic runs into a condition of apathy and becomes indifferent to all events around.

TV. It is an infinite stream of entertainments and Pandora's real box in which pleasures for all tastes are hided. However to the person who has got to dependence on TV, it is already absolutely unimportant that to watch - screen becomes a background of real life. You "will disconnect" such "zombie" from infinite translation - and it it becomes instant irritable, quick-tempered, and after will be depressed. Shown entertainments simulate life of other people which all so like to watch from outside, feeling in safety. Dependence on TV programs is especially dangerous to small children, чьё the consciousness noncritically and absorbs any information as a sponge.

Computer games. About a game addiction a lot of things is known. A computer game it becomes easy for the person replacement of real life and to the social relations as in «the virtual world» it is possible to be everybody. You solve, as to you to look and what traits of character to show, without being afraid of failures and condemnation. Video games of the last generation are so realistic and attractive by a network online mode that absorb more strongly than drug. The player forgets about a dream and food intake, spends considerable money for purchase of virtual bonuses and completely becomes reserved.

Gossips. There is an opinion according to which they kill at once three - the story-teller, listener and object of history. Meanwhile, the habit to gossip, apparently, is inseparable from the human being. It is the extremely popular channel of communication in any collective (it can be both office, and group of school girlfriends). To someone gossips allow to establish more close, intimate connection with the partner, some resort to this tactics to receive additional influence, but thus all know, badly what to gossip. However the few can keep from stories «on an ear».

Fast food. This food fat and harmful, but available, fast and inexpensive. Experiments of doctor John Hebel (John Hoebel) from Princeton University (and his many colleagues) have proved that the hobby for restaurants of a fast food conducts to formation of the most real dependence. The fast food intensifies hormone development дофамина (pleasure responsible for receiving) according to the same scheme, as at a drug taking. To overcome harmful dependence very difficult. The person gains excess weight and gets a bunch of endocrinological illnesses which deduce a problem of dependence on hamburgers from psychological level on the physical.

Pornography. Development of multimedia technologies and the Internet has made a pornography more available, than ever before. «Nothing is on sale better, than sex», - experts in advertising speak, and they are near from truth. For many people viewing of the corresponding production becomes not simply "innocent" entertainment, and regular replacement of sexual life. In a science the form of the sexual frustration caused by excessive bent for of a pornography, carries the pornofiliya name. It is considered that such dependence leads to serious problems in private life and, in particular, to psychological impotence (the person loses ability of a message normal sexual life without "reinforcement" it pornography viewing).

Drugs. For hypochondriac people and, especially, ипохонриков dependence on drugs can become the real problem. And for such people absolutely not very well, which tablets to accept, they in fear "appoint" to themselves one plan of treatment behind another. Hypochondriacs stay in constant concern concerning possibility to fall ill with one or several diseases, concern in the physical health, perception of the usual feelings as abnormal and unpleasant, assumptions that except the main disease there is any additional. Such fears play with them a malicious joke: hurrying in a drugstore behind the next dose of an antibiotic or behind modern mixture, unfortunate only are injurious to the health.

Certainly, there are also dependences on tobacco and alcohol, from drugs and gamblings. Even the love can become a problem if the person meaningly loses rest and composure. In our country special psychological groups for women and men with emotional dependence operate. Such lovers so "become attached" to object of the feelings that own existence becomes for them burdensome and impossible. Any dependence extends vital juice from "victim". However it is possible to get rid of each harmful attachment, if really it to want. By itself, some period of adaptation for restoration of sincere forces but after that the person can feel again all completeness of life is required.

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