Syndrome of the manager, or «Flu of the yuppie»No, it not the new name for bird flu. So doctor-therapist Paul Cheney called a disease from which in the West, suffer more and more men. Yuppies are young, succeeding and self-assured people who have everything: work, the car, the flat, money and … fatigue which does not pass even after rest.
The diagnosis «a syndrome of the manager» as the version of a syndrome of chronic fatigue, a thicket of others strikes men from 25 to 40 years possessing an increased feeling of responsibility and regarding career as of paramount importance. And though at us in the country the official medicine does not operate with such formulation for the diagnosis, psychologists sound alarm: many men simply do not betray value to disturbing changes in themselves.

To check itself

«The syndrome of the manager» can be suspected, if at the man for several months it is observed at least three of the listed signs:

  • The feeling of the constant fatigue which has not been connected with chronic diseases, does not pass day by day, irrespective of quantity of physical or intellectual activity
  • Memory and ability to focus the attention on something one worsens short-term
  • There was a sore throat which has not been connected with cold, and morbidity of lymph nodes
  • The muscular pain which has not been connected with bruises and loadings torments
  • There is several joint a pain without their reddening and a swelling
  • The headache changes the character and duration, but is present almost daily
  • The feeling of rest does not arise even after a long dream or outdoor activities (a trip to the sea, on the nature)
  • After the slightest physical activity there is a feeling of an indisposition which lasts more long than days
  • Everything that is connected with work, causes disgust (a type of a workplace, the colleague)
  • There was an unmotivated irritability, scandals in a family have become frequent
  • The sexual desire was gone

The recipe on … rest

When Carlson ид A.Lindgren's children's book assured the Kid that to recover, it has enough of nothing to do, lie on a sofa and there is a jam in a large number, it not too was not right. Psychologists have come to a conclusion that modern men simply are not able to have a rest.
In our cruel century of information progress by it everything becomes heavier to relax. After all the man - the head of the family, should earn money and bear responsibility literally for everything. What to do? First of all to address for consultation to the professional psychotherapist who will develop the individual program of treatment. And in parallel try to adhere to simple rules:

  • Every day to allocate 30 minutes for pedestrian walks before going to bed
  • To refuse fast food and the aerated sweet drinks
  • If work is connected with the personal computer, to try to reduce to a minimum communication of the house with it
  • In 1 hour prior to a dream to take a heat bath with coniferous extract
  • During week-end ALWAYS to allocate 3 hours ONLY for yourselves, lyubiomy (and here has no value, on what you use this time: will simply lie and study features of a ceiling in a bedroom or descend to swim for a while to the next pool)
  • To register in massage in good salon at least once a week
  • To take for a rule ALWAYS to use lawful holiday (even if without you on work right there will be a fire or a roof collapse)
  • To reanimate a children's hobby (in the childhood you collected brands? Perfectly! Know, how many they have let out after it?)
  • As extreme measures - cardinally to change area of labour activity: from the manager - in postmen, from bank the employee - in a travel agent etc. (It is terrible? Do not forget, it - ONLY work. At desire it can be different. And health is given only one)

Researches proceed

A few years ago the American scientists, having carried out researches, have come to a conclusion that viruses, in particular, can concern a syndrome of chronic fatigue and a syndrome of the manager.
The group of scientists under the direction of Judee E.Mikovitsa, has published results of the researches on a Science magazine site. So, 68 of 101 (these are 67 %) this disease surveyed with symptoms the virus XMRV - a ksenotropny virus of mouse leukaemia (xenotropic murine leukaemia virus-related virus) has been found. He treats type of gamma retroviruses. As well as AIDS virus, it infects an organism for life.
This version of viruses cause sarcoma and leukaemia in animals. And at men this virus can cause a cancer of a prostate gland which annually becomes a cause of death of 10 % of the man's population in the world.
However scientists did not manage to prove, what exactly the virus XMRV causes a syndrome of chronic fatigue. According to the researchers, any communication exists, but it is possible, patients with a syndrome of chronic fatigue are simply more subject to infections, and the syndrome has other reasons which up to the end are not found out yet.

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