Russia was overflowed by a wave of teenage suicidesFor the last some months already 10 teenagers from the different cities of Russia have committed suicide, having dumped from roofs of high-rise buildings. All cases are extremely similar at each other: 14-15 summer children, problems at school and a family, shouting posts in social networks, farewell notes in pockets. Three times group suicides according to the uniform scenario were during this time made: two girlfriends joined hands and took the last step together. Parents of the lost teenagers are inconsolable, friends make a helpless gesture, representatives of educational institutions try to prove the full non-participation, and psychologists blame for all social networks where any decision and any act can find extensive support. Besides, among teenagers usually romaticize death, and value of life - belittle.« The social network can be the catalyst to the terrible decision for the teenager, - Tatyana Rassadkina has told in interview to Life News portal the children's psychologist. - Seeing, as on pages of other died children leave thousand comments, teenagers can decide that it is a way to general adoration. In 14-15 years the child especially wants to be pleasant and be everything interesting». Each of cases of a suicide has received wide publicity in the Network, information is available to any wishing, there is a continuous discussion of the happened. According to experts, it quite could provoke to follow each following teenager the died predecessor even if they were not familiar. A question of how to stop described "machine of death" (and whether the social network that is), remains open.

Statistically «», most of all suicides with a lethal outcome is made because of the family conflicts (in 2009 - 294 cases, in 2010-242), the romantic relations (in 2009 - 223 cases, in 2010-202), existence of personal problems, isolation, mental diseases (in 2009 - 144 cases, in 2010-91). Pavel Astakhov in connection with sad events has initiated creations on the basis of schools of special services on prevention of a teenage suicide into which teachers, parents and pupils will enter.« Even the insignificant problem can lead to a children's suicide, - has told "KP" суицидолог Galina Rumyantseva. - Because of weak mentality children do not understand that die finally. And because of poor life experience the child starts to consider the conflict unsoluble. It is simpler to it to commit suicide, than to wait for punishment. Unfortunately, parents do not impart value of life. It is necessary to impart syzmalstvo love to elementary pleasures».

Sad statistics.

On October 3, 2011 in Primorsk the district of St. Petersburg 10-year-old boy Raphael Shkuntik has jumped out of a window of the last floor. The child has died even before arrival of doctors. The school student grew in an incomplete family, it was brought up by mother and the grandmother. According to the initial version, recently the teenager was nervous because of bad study (Raphael have transferred to new school).

On October 26, 2011 in St. Petersburg the pupil of the 6th class of school No. 163 Dima Fabrishnov has jumped out of a window of the educational room located on the 4th floor, and has died on the spot. According to the main version of an event, the child has been upset with "two" or "three" on Russian in a quarter: before leaving a class through a window, the child left a note to the teacher in which was sorry.

On October 28, 2011 the 13-year-old pupil of one of schools of Tyumen has committed suicide, having jumped off from a roof of a 9-storeyed building. In the morning of the same day the boy has received an unsatisfactory assessment at a lesson of a foreign language in this connection the teacher has reported that he will receive a similar mark and in a quarter. The child has called mother by the mobile phone and admitted that has received "two", that was upset and has threatened the son that will not let out it on walks during vacation. After that conversation the teenager has sent a farewell sms to the loved girl and has stepped from a roof.

On October 30, 2011 double suicide has occurred in Primorsk the district of St. Petersburg. Two 15-year-old girlfriends have stepped from a window of the 10th floor. In the left agonal notes of the girl were sorry about parents, having explained what to live further so cannot, «heart hurts» because of one-way love. Both Karina, and Veronica - from safe families. Veronica, shortly before happened endured parting with darling, on the page in a social network has written: "Forgive".

On November 2, 2011 double suicide of the Moscow students of medical university of Setchenov - Maia Solovyeva and Margarita Utkina took place. In the evening on November 1 the Maya has asked the young man to call it in the 7th mornings to wake on the control. The young man called to 11 while to him have not reported about the tragedy. Rita and the Maya have spent on a balcony of the 12th floor two hours thirteen minutes, cut on a bottle of beer and have smoked, then have jumped off. According to unconfirmed data, the initiator of suicide was Utkin, earlier already rushing under an electric train because of unfortunate love. On the page in a social network the girl has reported: «Born to creep are not able to fly, but can creep so highly that the born will fly to creep before them».

On February 7, 2012 in the city of Lobnya have jumped off from a 15-etazhka roof, having joined hands, 14-year-old Nastya Koroleva and Lisa Petsylya. Schoolgirls before death left to parents two festive packages where have put farewell notes, multi-coloured cardboard hearts, a beads, toys and fruit tea. In the agonal message of the girl called the reason of squaring of accounts with life a fortnight truancy of school (they allegedly did not want to listen to complaints for it). However friends of victims assure that girls had also longer "absences" from school, and the true reason of a suicide - difficulties in a family and misunderstanding with parents. «Forgive, if what not so. I am not ideal» - Lisa Petsyli's status in the social network, being accompanied a smilie with eyes daggers says. Nastya Korolyova left record on the page: «Death: - that you for me go??? Я: - you are pleasant to me». Still on January 8 she wrote: «Or perhaps without me it will be better?» and some hours prior to suicide: «I hate the phrase «and if your friends with 9th floor to jump will go, you too will go» and I will go! That to me without friends to do».

On February 8, 2012 in the south of Moscow 14-year-old teenager Alexander Filipyev has jumped out of a window of the flat on the 17th floor. It left an agonal note in which has reported that all loves, is sorry about parents, but wants to learn that will be after death. At the end of the message the school student has added: «You cannot forbid it to me». According to the investigation, the young man has made a jump right after quarrel with the father, caused by a certain school incident. Alexander has allegedly pulled down at the schoolmate not that phone, not that the camera, for as has got it hot. Filipyev's family has moved to Moscow 2 months ago. In law enforcement agencies of the capital do not exclude that to a fatal act of the boy has pushed double similar suicide widely shined in mass media 14-year-old Nastya Korolevoy and Lisa Petsyli, made the day before.

On level of suicides among minors Russia wins first place in Europe, and also one of the first places in the world.

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