Life without grief or How to get rid of a depressionAbout a depression today tell many: scientists, doctors, sociologists. It consider as the most artful illness of the XXI century. And at you never happened such condition when it would be desirable to do nothing, fatigue incredible, and everything and everybody around irritates? Not terribly. The main thing - the nobility how to get rid of a depression.

As it to distinguish

So such depression? The name of this frustration of mentality has occurred from the Latin word "deprimo" - to "press", "suppress". The depression is a pathological condition of the organism, being accompanied constant feeling of apathy and alarm, impossibility of receiving pleasure from life and aspiration to loneliness. Statistically, 10 % of the population are aged more senior than 40 years has a depression. Two thirds of its victims are women, whose mentality more лабильна. And among the persons which have reached 65 years, the depression is widespread three times more often.

The depression happens three types:

  • the functional: can periodically arise at any mentally healthy person.
  • the pathological: it is observed only at the people having serious mental diseases;
  • the imaginary - when only seems to the person that it has a depression, and in 50 % of all cases of a depression it it.

As to the reasons causing a depression, they happen endogenny (hidden when at first sight the person everything in life well and cannot have no reason for grief) and ekzogenny (when there is an expressed external reason - death of the loved one, crisis of the family relations, work or property loss etc.)

Recurrence is inherent in a depression: at one patients it can be connected with change of phases of the moon, and at others - with season change. Among inhabitants of Europe and Russia the so-called autumn depression is widespread: reduction of duration of light day involves deterioration of mood and decrease in intellectual and impellent activity. If the depression gains chronic character (more than a week lasts), it so exhausts that can lead to abuse of alcohol or tranquilizers. But it gives simplification only for short time. Therefore if you have noticed symptoms of a depression (sense of guilt, uselessness, alarm and baseless scare; the underestimated self-image; inability to concentrate attention and to make decisions; frequent thoughts on death or suicide, lack of appetite, sleeplessness) at the member of the family, proceeding more than 7 days, it is necessary to address urgently for consultation to the doctor-psychiatrist or, at least, to the professional psychologist. In an initial stage councils of psychologists and the folk remedies checked by time to the aid will come.

As of it to get rid

1. The main thing is a dream.

Popular wisdom not for nothing says: "tomorrow is a new day". It does not turn out to fall asleep in any way? Make to itself «an imperial pillow». It in the XVIII century English king George III as has thought up means against palace hassle. Take a pure cotton pillowcase and fill it in equal proportions grasses: the dried-up petals of roses, hop cones, a grass of a dushitsa, needles, crushed and the crushed root валерианы. Going to bed, put it near a usual pillow. And in the afternoon such pillow should be stored in cellophane that its curative smell has not disappeared.

2. Run from loneliness.

Even if you would like to see nobody now, do not remain for a long time alone with yourself. Go «in people»: at cinema, on an exhibition, in club, on day off excursion by the bus to other city. And it is best of all - communicate with close friends who do not differ bad mood and always could amuse you earlier.

3. It is necessary to indulge itself.

Make to itself something pleasant. Something such that will unequivocally give you pleasure. It can be shopping, a campaign in a Spa salon or a trip at least for a weekend to the sea, to tropical countries where there is a lot of the sun. Behind impossibility to use these pleasures of life, arrange to itself a Spa procedure at home: light in bathing candles, fill a bath with warm water, pour in in it calming balm (500г leaves of a melissa to fill in with 2 litres of boiled water to add 3 drops of oil of a lavender and 2 drops of oil ilang-ilang). 15 minutes of stay in such bath will remove feeling of fatigue and will cheer up.

4. Eat correctly.

When on soul «cats scrape», it is not necessary to give in to gluttony, but also at all to refuse food it is impossible. Take for a rule is on slightly, but it is frequent (even if it would not be desirable at all) and only that you love. It doesn't matter, if it are unhealthy chips and not doughnuts useful to a figure. The main thing - that you have enjoyed food. Try to include in a diet vegetables and fruit of orange colour - it well influences mood. And here in the mornings (or black tea) it is better to replace habitual strong coffee with toning grassy drink: to mix on 1 teaspoon of the rosemary, the crushed hips and a chicory root, to make boiled water in a teapot with thick walls, let's be insisted 15 minutes and to drink warm with 1-2 spoons of lime honey.

5. It is necessary to change something.

This rule extends literally on everything: from colour of curtains in your bedroom to colour of your hair. Still the ancient argued that «constancy is a sign of degradation». Avoid monotony. Do not turn the life into constant "Groundhog Day": start to go for work on other route, go for a lunch to other cafe, buy other newspaper, surround itself with things of pastel light tones, and then light your view of surrounding reality will be gradually same.

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