If you were tortured by sleeplessness or How quickly to fall asleepWhat to do, if all elephants are counted, all patterns on wall-paper are studied for memory, and the long-awaited dream has not come? We have got used to complain to friends of sleeplessness, justifying that we start to yawn at the beginning of the working day. But one business - to fill up hardly or several times in a night to wake up, and another - not to sleep at all some days in a row …

Causes and effects

Sleeplessness (or an insomniya) - the dream frustration, being characterised inability to fall asleep during the long period of time at night.

It can periodically be observed at people without problems with health for the various reasons: emotional stress, overfatigue, overeating, noise, etc. But more often sleeplessness is a disturbing symptom of many diseases (from a syndrome of chronic fatigue, depressions to alcoholic psychosis). Mostly, women are subject to it.

The diagnosis chronic sleeplessness put in case the condition «impossibility to fall asleep» lasts some nights in a row.

It is considered to be the main symptoms of chronic sleeplessness:

  • complaints to a bad zasypaniye
  • unsatisfactory quality of a dream;
  • periodicity of violation of a dream (to 3 times a week within a month);
  • ultimate feeling of alarm concerning a sleep debt (at night and during the day);
  • general malaise
  • impossibility to be engaged in commonplaces (to study, go for work etc.) because of constant feeling of a sleep debt

In the presence of listed above symptoms urgent consultation of the doctor-psychotherapist is necessary.

For normal activity it is necessary for adult person to sleep from 6 to 8 hours per day. Reduction of quantity of a dream accelerates ageing mechanisms in an organism. Already in a day without a dream in a brain the chemical processes conducting to suppression of mentality begin. In two days without a dream - the hormonal background changes, suppression of mentality amplifies, neural communications in a cerebral cortex are broken. And from 3 and more days without a dream - cells of a brain start to collapse, load of all internal, first of all - increases by heart. The record of sleeplessness belongs to American Robert Mac-Donaldsu who has held on without a dream 453 hours (nearly 19 days) to get to the Guinness Book of Records. But on restoration of the health after that doubtful experiment at it years and considerable money have left …

In total in our hands

Fortunately, in 90 % of cases of so-called passing sleeplessness we are guilty, so, it is necessary to normalise the way of life, and sleeplessness will recede. So, how quickly to fall asleep?

1. Do not abuse during the day the drinks containing caffeine (coffee, tea, power tonics, stakes, chocolate)

2. Take for a rule that the last food intake was no later than in 3 hours prior to a dream (thus avoid a fat and spicy food)

3. If you work at office and conduct an inactive way of life, surely arrange to yourself before going to bed half-hour walk in the open air (if for any reasons it is impossible, at least leave on a balcony)

4. Correctly organise the berth: to you should not be in a bed too hot or too cold, bedding choose from natural materials of a soft colouring.

5. Do not watch in 1 hour prior to a dream aggressive movies (horror films, thrillers, horror films), do not play computer games.

6. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time.

7. Going to bed, watch that it was indoors dark and silent (exactly in the dark in an organism melatonin - natural sleeping pill) is strenuously developed

8. Do not replace lack of a night dream with a long dream among day (it does not give to an organism of that relax which occurs during a dream at night)

9. Do not take for the night a hot shower or a bath (they possess toning effect and interfere with a zasypaniye) - water temperature should make 37-38 degrees, it is possible to add in it some drops of calming essential oils (a lavender, a bergamot, a lemon, etc.)

10. Accept in 30 minutes prior to a dream natural calming infusions: phytoteas with mint, a melissa, valeriany, a pustyrnik or warm milk with a spoon of natural honey.

Categorically it is impossible:

  • regularly to use alcohol as sleeping pill (awakening will be heavy, can result in alcoholic dependence)
  • independently to appoint to itself somnolent preparations (they can not give desirable result but only to do much harm)

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