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Syndrome of the manager, or «Flu of the yuppie»No, it not the new name for bird flu. So doctor-therapist Paul Cheney called a disease from which in the West, suffer more and more men. Yuppies are young, succeeding and self-assured people who have everything: work, the car, the flat, money and … fatigue which does not pass even after rest.
The diagnosis «a syndrome of the manager» as the version of a syndrome of chronic fatigue, a thicket of others strikes men from 25 to 40 years possessing Continue reading

The most widespread types of dependencesIf you think that smoking and alcoholism is the most terrible types of dependence, deeply are mistaken. They do serious harm to health, but there is a large quantity of other, not less pernicious addictions about which now and we will talk.

Shopping. The real shopaholic will not stop neither lack of money, nor existence of debts. He is not able to commensurate the income with expenses and is pathological tranzhiry. Such person we will gain desire Continue reading

Russia was overflowed by a wave of teenage suicidesFor the last some months already 10 teenagers from the different cities of Russia have committed suicide, having dumped from roofs of high-rise buildings. All cases are extremely similar at each other: 14-15 summer children, problems at school and a family, shouting posts in social networks, farewell notes in pockets. Three times group suicides according to the uniform scenario were during this time made: two girlfriends joined hands and took the Continue reading

HypnosisFor history of the existence of people has invented a set of ways to influence behaviour and thoughts similar. Throughout all history of development of mankind people purposely and inadvertently "influence" at each other.

Historical background

Hypnosis was known during ancient times and was used by attendants of religious cults, sorcerers, sorcerers, shamans, fakirs of the various countries and the people for strengthening of belief, Continue reading

If you were tortured by sleeplessness or How quickly to fall asleepWhat to do, if all elephants are counted, all patterns on wall-paper are studied for memory, and the long-awaited dream has not come? We have got used to complain to friends of sleeplessness, justifying that we start to yawn at the beginning of the working day. But one business - to fill up hardly or several times in a night to wake up, and another - not to sleep at all some days in a row …

Causes and effects

Sleeplessness (or an insomniya) Continue reading

Riddles of a lethargyWho from us, the exhausted workaholics of the XXI century though once a week does not dream «to sleep really»? Long ago it is proved that for high-grade restoration of nervous system the average person should sleep not less than 7-9 hours per day. But the medicine knows examples when the dream begins suddenly, lasts much more long and does not bring pleasure...

History of «a sleepy illness»

Lethargy - from Greek "summer" (oblivion) Continue reading

Life without grief or How to get rid of a depressionAbout a depression today tell many: scientists, doctors, sociologists. It consider as the most artful illness of the XXI century. And at you never happened such condition when it would be desirable to do nothing, fatigue incredible, and everything and everybody around irritates? Not terribly. The main thing - the nobility how to get rid of a depression.

As it to distinguish

So such depression? The name of this frustration of mentality has Continue reading