Nails, part IV: Dark blue, red, brown nailsDark blue nails

Emergence of cyanotic colouring of a nail is traditional connected only with the various conditions associated with deficiency of oxygen. Nevertheless, a circle of the diseases leading to this symptom, essentially more widely. The differential diagnosis of dark blue colouring of a nail and/or surrounding fabrics is presented in table 6

Table 6

  1. Gipoksemiya (акроцианоз)
  2. Chronic intoxication compounds of silver (Argiry)
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Bacon stops nasal bleedingsWhat is necessary to stop bleeding from a nose? One of these days the American otolaryngologists in the magazine Annals in Otology, Rhinology and Larynology have described two unique cases of a stop of heavy bleeding at the 4th summer girl with Glantsman's trombasteniya - the rare frustration, being characterised chronic nasal bleedings.

Quickly to stop a wound make-shifts in house conditions in such cases happens rather difficult. However in Continue reading

To the seventh sweatSweat is only water solution of salts and the organic substances, allocated by specialised glands. It contains 98-99 % of water and all "additives": nitrogenous substances (urea, uric acid, Creatinine, ammonia), some amino acids (серин, histidine), protein traces, urokaninovy acid, flying fat acids, soaps, cholesterol, salts of alkaline metals (sodium chloride), glucose, vitamins, biogene амины, catecholamines, histamine and steroid Continue reading

We sum up New Years competition Most culinaryDear friends! Competition on the recipe of the festive salad simplest and useful to health has come to an end. Thanks to all who has shared with visitors of our site the knowledge in a gastronomy.

"Most culinary", according to the solution of edition, has recognised Oven - he becomes the happy owner of the gift certificate for 1500 rubles from boutique "L'etual" or "Yves Rocher" (for choice).

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is found

In permafrost the source of longevityWith such startler representatives of the centre of public relations of the Siberian office of the Russian Academy of Sciences have acted. The Siberian scientists have found in permafrost in the territory of Yakutia (mountain Mamontovaya) a microorganism which is activated and shares at temperature only +5.

Already initial researches of a find have shown that the found bacterium "has lagged behind" from modern on three million Continue reading

5 myths about harm for health of films of 3DThree-dimensional 3D-vision, after other new technologies (mobile phones, laptops, etc.) has instantly acquired hearings about potential harm for health. However scientists still have not provided the reasoned proofs in favour of this hypothesis. On the contrary, the largest non-profit organisation in this branch - the American optometric association (American Optometric Association, AOA) not only officially recognised 3D as "the safe technology Continue reading

Chaupadis forbidden practice still carries away lives of Nepalese womenSad news have come one of these days from the western Nepal. As «MIGnews» reports referring to Kantipur TV channel, in the country the next case of death of the woman locked in a shed for the period of periods has been fixed. Thus, it became obvious that on the average and the western Nepal, despite a ban of the Supreme court from 2005, still adhere to ancient practice of Hindus - Chaupadi's («Chaupadi») tradition.
Chaupadi's essence that during Continue reading

Stories of our readersHello, dear visitors of our portal!

We continue competition of reader's stories in which we play iPad and iPhone.

Thanks to you we have already received a set of interesting letters, and we will show you some of them.


«Hello! My name is Olga. I am 51 years old. I am a teacher in college. Work washing it is not connected with medicine.

At me варикоз and osteosinging. All, of course, have ideas of these diseases.

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The Ministry of Public Health and Social Development has decided on paid treatmentThe Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia has prepared the draught document which Rules of granting to patients are defined by the medical organisations of paid medical services.

According to the law «About bases of health protection of citizens», the state guarantees that free there is a primary medicosanitary help, including, specialised. Hospitalisation on doctor's orders, the ambulance, hi-tech treatment are included also Continue reading

The chief health officer urges not to go on meetingsThe chief health officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko has again warned citizens against visit of meetings in connection with health hazard, reports Interfax.

Onishchenko warns that on the future Saturday the forecast promises-18 degrees, and is impractical putting-on inhabitants of the capital risk seriously to freeze. The head of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights considers that Muscovites have got used to put on with calculation Continue reading